In our classroom, we use The Mother Goose Time curriculum. The Mother Goose Time curriculum is a research-based curriculum that allows your child/children to play while the teacher observes their learning behavior.


Learning Objectives


We prepare your child for preschool and beYond each month by focusing on the Word of the Day and Letters of the Month. This will allow your child/children to recognize letters and phrases while developing comprehension skills and vowel sounds. In addition, children will form a better sentence using emergent reading skills until we’ve covered the entire alphabet.





Children will learn hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through many writing tools such as postcards and painting material.



Children learn to count, sort and problem-solve while playing with number cards, colorful objects, and math story cards.




Using materials such as puzzles and games helps your child/children build logic and reasoning skills. This allows children to make sound decisions and develop problem-solving skills.




Science, technology, engineering, art, and math are taught by having unique projects each week where we show how things work. Some examples of STEM projects for preschoolers are planting flowers, building with blocks, and connectable toys.



Using creative expression, children can learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Music & Dance:

With rhythm and dance, the Mother Goose Time curriculum sends a cd once a month to help your child/children develop motor skills and the mind-body connection.

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