Before & After Care


Learning Beyond Limits, childcare offers before and after school programs for children attending kindergarten through fifth grade. Providing an enhancement to the school experience, your child will have the opportunity to apply and broaden his or her knowledge in a fun and supportive environment.



Summer Camp


Our Summer Camp will be another wonderful experience where children will spend the summer learning, while being active and having fun! During Summer Camp, we use themed lessons, activities, and field trips that help to reinforce the theme for the summer. 

Evening & Night-care


With advanced notice, we provide care between 6:30 pm to 5 am Sunday to Thursday. Children in-care during the nighttime follow a schedule designed to replicate activities typical of your child’s routine at home. We also have an evening and morning schedule with activities planned for the hours when children are awake. Children who attend partially through the evening hours will be served evening meals and can sleep as needed. A night-time snack is available, and breakfast is served to all children in care for the night unless the parent specifies otherwise.

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